Clean Beauty Products- Shampoo Review

Clean2Through most of my teen and adult years I’ve been slapping endless bottles of  lotions, potions, fake tans, moisturisers, cellulite creams (useless but bloody expensive!), hair reducers, shaving creams and exfoliaters all over my body, being a marketers dreams and not once stopping for even a second to wonder what was in them or if there was a possibility the ingredient list could be anyway detrimental to me (more on that here)

So when I stumbled across the ‘Clean’ beauty product movement my initial reaction was, ‘naaaah, that can’t be right, Dove wouldn’t do that to me. It’s just another conspiracy theory from a pack of smelly hippies…’

But, even though I tried to silence it, one train of thought kept nagging at me as I slapped on my moisturisers and fake tans, ‘your skin is your biggest organ, it absorbs everything you put on it… can all this crap be good??‘.

Then it hit me, it was suddenly so blindingly obvious. Why the hell was I going out of my way to eat fresh, organic foods and reduce eating any products with unknown/ unpronounceable ingredients and then ruin it all by consistently slathering on unnatural substances and chemicals on a daily basis?

It was defo a personal ahh-ha moment (Oprah would be so proud!).

Anyway, I sent a mental apology to all the ‘conspiracy theorists’ I had been doubting and jumped firmly on the ‘Clean’ beauty regime. I blogged previously about all my new organic products but here’s a quick update.

My most recent purchase was Avalon Organics Glistening Shampoo.


I bought it in The Select Stores in Dalkey, Dublin for about €6 and am very happy with it. It has no parabens or the evil sodium lauryl/ laureith sulphateit, it smells good and it works just fine (it does take a bit longer then most shampoos to get a lather going but other then that it’s just spiffy!).


3 responses to “Clean Beauty Products- Shampoo Review

  1. I use this brand, & also Burt’s Bees, which has recently changed its shampoo formula to one I like less than the previous formula. I’d love to find a good homemade version; but so far I have not liked any. Keep us posted as you discover more good healthy beauty products!

  2. Thanks Mollie! Yea my hunt continues too- as I’m not 100% happy with this brand either. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

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