2013 The Year of Doing, March


2013 has been christened the ‘The Year of Doing’ by myself and my friends. It’s the year to stop talking about doing things and actually do them. To get the ball rolling I’ve broken the things I want to try ‘give up’ and things I’ve always wanted to ‘take up’ into different monthly challanges! Each one will last for the month before I report back on how it went. This is my review of how my 3rd month went…

Give Up: Meat + Fish

In my early teenage years I ‘went veggie’ for a few years for humanitarian reasons, that was until one cold Irish morning I woke up to the smell of my Dad cooking the family a fry up- rashers, sausages, pudding, eggs and mushrooms.

smiley face fryThat is one tantalising smell… Something inside me broke, I forgot about the poor pink piggies and I legged it downstairs ordering him to divvy me up ‘2 rashers, sausages and an egg- STAT!’ I haven’t looked back since, and eat meat/ fish with most meals, until this month…

I decided I wanted to try this no meat/ fish challenge for the following reasons:

  • Through my Wellness research I was totally grossed out to learn how commercial farming routinely administers low-dose antibiotics to their livestock to prevent disease spreading in the unsanitary conditions they keep the animals and also to promote rapid growth. The effects these antibiotics have on humans is disputable, but it’s safe to say that every time we eat a piece of factory farmed chicken/ beef, or dairy for that matter, we’re eating antibiotics, pesticides, steroids and hormones. Mmmmm, nom nom…

Shocker alert- half of all the antibiotics made in the US are administered each year to animals!

  • According to The Blood Type Diet (which I blogged here) my digestion system would better suit a veggie diet. As I’ve always had a very dodgy digestion this sounded pretty good to me.
  • I’ve been faily freaked out by the Horse Meat Scandal which rocked Europe over the last few months and worry that this story maybe the tip of a food fraud iceberg…

So how did the month go? This was a weird one, a game of two half’s if you will…

The first two weeks were great.

  • I loved cooking all the different veggies and trying out the veggie options when eating out. Actually I think I’ll do a blog post or two on all the yummy stuff I ate 🙂
  • My veggie intake soared and I was easily eating my 5 a day, everyday
  • My digestion system was the best it has ever been, with a massive reduction in bloating, gas, too little or too much pooping!
  • I also managed to get other people on board by cooking a delish 3 course veggie Mother’s Day meal for the rentals. I also got my carnivore boyfriend to eat more vegetables- he knowingly ate kale for the first time and loved it!

In the 2nd two weeks everything came crashing down. I found I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I would wake in the morning with hunger pangs which were actually painful and never felt truly full after a meal. I also realised my energy and motivation had reduced greatly. And to make matters worse, I was putting on weight (4 pounds over the month!).

Verdict: I am not a vegetarian. I would love to be able to be one and think it’s a very healthy decision to make but I don’t think it’s a diet that suits me. However I’ve decided I’m defiantly not going to be as reliant on meat and fish as I once was.  This month has made me realise I had a massive over reliance on meat- a meal wasn’t considered to be an actual meal in my mind unless there was a portion on meat somewhere on the plate.

So, instead of being a meat eater who also eats vegetables on the side, I’m going to be a veggie eater who sometimes eats meat/ fish on the side (all of which I will try and ensure are organic/ sustainable).

Take Up: Reading


Something happened about 5 years ago that stopped my good habit of reading each night before going asleep… the introduction of my iphone. Since then my iphone (and subsequent ipad) has monopolised my spare time and my books sit unread, like neglected children, on my bookshelf.

I miss reading. I miss the feeling you have when you have a good book waiting for you. I also think my English and vocabulary is getting bader (!) without reading regularly.

Therefore I embraced this ‘challenge’ like an old friend.

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon pottering though 2nd hand book shops in The Blackrock Market where I choose the below books and read, to varying degrees of success:


I’m afraid after this month is over and the motivation to read wanes I will revert back to my ipad. Therefore I’ve set up a Book Club with some friends. It’s a great mix of people, who are all interested in different areas and topics so I think we’ll get to read some great books! I’ve chosen our first book, a thriller (my favourite type!), by Gillian Flynn called ‘Gone Girl’- fingers crossed it goes down well 🙂

Verdict: I found this ‘challange’ to be extremely hard. Each night before I drift off to sleep the last thing I want to be is ‘disciplined’ and pick up a book over a quick Facebook stalk on my ipad. However, when I did actually read I loved it. I really hope the Book Club is successful as I definitely need some motivation to keep that damn ipad away from me!


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