My Issues With ‘Deserving’ Relaxation

‘We’re all so busy, with our jobs, social lives, families etc. we deserve some ‘down time’ once in a while, we have earned time to look after our exhausted body and mind…’


That’s the generic opening line a ‘relaxing’ blog post is supposed to take. What I can’t understand is why we have to ‘justify’ relaxation, at some point very recently society changed and now we suddenly need to ‘deserve’ quiet, down time, we need to have ‘earned’ that early night in bed or long bath.

Why is this?! How did we get so conditioned that only when we have worn ourselves out, run our bodies and minds into the ground will we then ‘warrant’ a massage and some chilling out time? Why do we feel guilty telling someone that we are going to get a pedicure or spend the evening chilling in front of re-runs of Modern Family on TV?!

Are we not precious enough to put self-care time at the top of our priorities?

Here’s an idea, how about tonight you priorities yourself for a change, not because you ‘deserve’ it or have ‘earned’ it but because you  darn well want it?! Go on, fill a bath, get a good book and just enjoy soaking, or go for a long walk with a friend, or watch a fun movie on the couch in your PJ’s with a hot cup of something?! Sounds good doesn’t it? The key is not to feel guilty about it, just enjoy how your body feels relaxing and switching off and then start scheduling this time in for yourself on a regular basis.


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