Acupuncture: Ouch or Ahhh?!


Ahhh, definitely, ahhh! Let me tell you why…

I’ve been experiencing reoccurring shoulder pain of late and was advised during a very fancy massage in the Ritz Carlton (ooooh, excuse me!!) to go see an acupuncturist, as apparently they can do more on stubborn lactic acid knots in a shorter time frame. So I that’s the reason I turned up on the doorstep of a lovely Chinese lady, named Dandan in a housing estate in Dundrum last weekend.

The first part of my visit was a full body review, she asked me to fill out the longest questionnaire ever, covering my entire health and wellbeing. She questioned everything from my eating habits, to energy levels to more intimate things. She also took my blood pressure and had a goo at my tongue. At this point I remind her that I was only visiting for my dodgy shoulder but she explained Chinese Medicine takes a holistic view of the entire body and believes that if one organ or area is paining you, you should look at the body as a whole and see what else could be negatively effecting that area.

After this she concluded that my recent dodgy digestion system and reducing energy levels were due to all the raw fruit and vegetables I am eating lately. She said raw food was putting additional stress on my spleen which was having a hard time digesting the food in its raw form and that all this additional digestion work was also effecting my energy levels. She recommended I eat more cooked vegetables in order to help out my system. I was pretty blown away by her insight as she was spot on on everything!

I then hopped up on to the acupuncture bed where she firstly worked on rectifying my digestion problems. This involved sticking acupuncture needles into my hands/ stomach, around my shin bones and one seemingly random one at the very top of my head! Let me assure you- none of which are in any way painful. She then placed a heater over the needles so the warmth travelled down the needles and into the muscles they were in contact with and left me there for about 15 minutes… And my God did this feel good! It was the most relaxed I have been in a long long time, I actually felt completely out of it!!

Then I turned over and she placed the needles around my shoulder, which was followed by a short but yummy massage.


The appointment last 90 minutes and cost me €50.

Results: The relaxing effects of the procedure lasted all weekend and I experienced the most amazing night’s sleep and almost immediate rectification of my digestion system. Since then I have only eaten cooked vegetables and have noticed a great improvement in both my digestion and energy. Also, after one or two days of quite intense stiffness the guarantor knot in my back evaporated away! 🙂

An embarrassing side note: We decided that my sore shoulder wasn’t anything complicated nor did it require a ‘holistic’ approach to improving it… Basically I was carrying around a heavy handbag on the same shoulder all the time and just need to alternate it in future… Doh!

If you are interested in visiting Dandan here’s her website:


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