Face Mapping

As I mentioned in a previous blog I’ve suffered from cystic acne on my chin for most of my twenties, along with these beauties I also tend to ‘break out’ with some whoppers resembling a 3rd eye between my eye brows. After years of trying every spot cream possible and nothing working I decided to ask why these spots were appearing and get to their route cause. That’s where Face Mapping comes into it.

Face mapping (FM) is based on the belief that the body provides an outside view of the body’s internal health and originates in Chinese Medicine.

According to Chinese Medicine, pimples refer to congestion or imbalances in the body and the best way to treat a spot is to actually treat the source organ by eating foods that revitalise and nourish it. Here are the lists of body parts and the organs that are affected:

Forehead – Intestinal Area

Middle Forehead- Liver/ Detox Elimination point

Cheeks – Lungs

 Nose – Heart Area

 Jaw – Kidney Area

 Shoulders – Digestive Area

 Chest – Lung & Heart Area

 Upper Back – Lung Area

 Around the Mouth – Reproductive Area

I know she’s a bit evil looking but this pic explains it all pretty well…

ABG Face Mapping Zone

So back to my mug then. This all made perfect sense to me- the ‘third eye’ spots I was getting in between my eyebrows were due to all that yummy alcohol I was indulging in and the spots on my chin were due to some lady part issues I was also dealing with.

Since I’ve kicked off a new ‘relationship’ with booze and spent time nourishing my liver with liver boosting foods (blog entries on that below) I’ve noticed a lack of spots between my eyebrows (however I did produce a lovely red one after a recent blow out in the Vintage Cocktail Club!). Again since I’ve began work to rectify my hormone imbalance I’m also happy to report a staggering lack of cystic acne on my chin.

I’ll post ways to boost the other organs over the next few weeks, but if you want to know more in the mean time check these informative links out:




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