2013, The Year of Doing- January


2013 has been christened the ‘The Year of Doing’ by myself and my friends. Its the year to stop talking about doing things and actually do them.  To get the ball rolling I’ve broken the things I want to try ‘give up’ and things I’ve always wanted to ‘take up’ into different monthly experiments! Each one will last for the month before I report back on how it went. This is my review of how my first month went…

Give Up: Booze

Christmas tried to kill me.

Each year, as the clock strikes 12 on November 30th something inside me just seems to say, ‘rightyo folks, lets go bleedin mental!’ My diary fills up with boozy sessions 3/4/ 5 nights a week and by Christmas Eve I’m exhausted and don’t want to eat or drink another thing, which is obviously ridiculous as the coming week is where the real ‘magic’ happens. Anyway, this January I decided I’d actually stick to my January detox attempt (last year’s one was broken in the 2nd week in a spectacular all day drinking session…)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it was not easy. My weakest points came after work each Friday evening and stayed with me until I ran screaming to bed for some release in sleep! I also found socialising difficult, not the actual ‘being sociable’ bit- I found that grand, but I found it difficult to actually tell people I wasn’t drinking/ going ‘out out’. I felt both embarrassed and guilty. I felt embarrassed at having to put my hands up and admitting I’m going against the ‘norm’.  I also felt guilty because when I’m not adhering to the ‘norm’ I realise I feel as though I’m not being a good friend.

However the plus sides definitely won out. Each morning I woke up bright and bushy tailed, full of plans, excitement and energy. I also really, really like the productivity that comes with no hangovers, the list of tasks I completed in the month of January where amazing. Oh and the money saved was great 🙂

Verdict: Well worth the 31 days. I love red wine and the banter that comes with a couple of cocktails so I’m not going to keep this one up long-term, but it definitely was a massive eye opener into many aspects of my life including my reactions and emotions associated to not drinking. It gave me plenty of food for thought.

Take Up- Yoga


I’ve always loved yoga and have been practicing on and off since my college days, but living in Recessionary Ireland I find it hard to justify spending €15 on a class 2/3 times a week. Therefore I was only delra to come across Yogaglo . It’s a website that allows you to join pre-recorded yoga classes with world renowned yoga teachers (filmed in a yoga studio in Santa Monica). It’s free for the 1st 2 weeks and then works out at €13 a month. Thanks to Yogaglow (I swear I’m not on their sales team!!) I’ve been practicing 2/3 times a week and am delighted to report increased stretchiness, strength and a close to perfect bridge pose!

Each to their own, but for me Yoga is the best exercise on the planet. When I’m finished an hour’s Vinyasa Flow class I’m everything from relaxed, energised, motivated and centred to pumped and generally feelin great!

Verdict: Flippen love yoga and will continue to do it at any chance I get for as long as possible!


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