Coconut Oil strikes again!

coconutoil1I’ve blogged about ze coconuts before but I’ve come across another amazing use for Coconut Oil through some research into Ayurveda (an ancient Indian practice for alternative medicine/ lifestyle) which I feel the need to tell yis about.

It involves applying your body lotion before getting into the shower. A say wha?! Wait until you try it, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this your whole life!

Steps to slidey silky skin:

  • Melt two or three table spoons of coconut oil by sitting the solid coconut in a glass jar in boiled water.


  • Once melted, rub the oil all over yerself (be warned, if, like me, you spill droplets of the oil it turns solid pretty quickly and you’ll end up with waxy spots all over your bathroom! So be careful!)
  • Then try yer very best to stand in the nip for as long as possible, 20 minutes if you can stand our cold miserable weather!
  • Then hop into a hot shower. The steam will open your pores and the oil will get deep into them.
  • When you get out of the shower dry yourself off and marvel at how silky smooth your skin is!

Leave me a comment below if you tried this, or if you have any questions – I’m only dying to hear from you! Oh and if you’re interested in being kept up to date with ‘The Wellness Cloud’ click on the ‘Follow’ tab at the very bottom! Spanks 🙂


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