Enter Tea Tree Oil

tea tree1

I’ve suffered from cystic acne for most of my twenties. Every month or so I would get this eruption on my chin, the roots of which could be felt right down my throat. The spot would sit on my chin all red, painful and aggressive for days on end before forming a white head, bursting (with a little help from it’s friends), getting scabby, before slowly, ever so slowly, receding. (Sorry if you read that description while eating.)
I’ve spent a small fortune trying every spot cream under the sun, EVERYTHING. But nothing would work. Until today…
Before I go any further I just want to mention I don’t for a minute think Tea Tree is the only contributor here. I largely put my newly well behaved chin down to some research into ‘Face Mapping’ (blog post here) and everything I’ve said in my ‘Belly First’ post. However, even with my cleaned up diet, I was still getting these regular confidence killers on my chin… Enter Tea Tree Oil!
Now when I start to feel the familiar painful/ numbing sensation I douse a cotton ball in Tea Tree Oil and rub it on to the area each morning and night (and don’t touch it during the day). I’m delighra to say that (so far) this method has resulted in my spots disintegrating away, all defeated and embarrassed, before they can even get started. Yippee!!


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