Lovely Little Liver


Now that my January cleans is over and I’m reunited with my beloved red wine I thought I’d share some stuff I’ve learnt about our Lovely Little Livers.

Our Livers are pretty incredible, spending their time removing toxins and waste from our bodies. Over time our Livers are being asked to deal with more and more toxins- toxins in processes food, pesticides in fruit and veg, hormones in farmed fish and meat, chemicals laden lotions we lather on ourselves each morning, to the city fumes we breath in and therefore it can do with a little helping hand once in a while.

There’s a great test that you can do to check out if your liver needs some extra TLC (a test who’s results have been known to shock and horrify some of my friends… you know who you are!!)- Lie on your back on the floor and press the area just below your right rib cage. If the area feels bruised or tender to the touch it’s safe to say your Little Liver needs some care.


Some ways to help the Lovely Liver are:

  • Drink Dandelion Tea: It eases congestion of the liver. While it’s at that it also helps purify the bladder and kidneys, aids digestion and eases bloating.
  • Put a few drops of Milk Thistle in your water bottle
  • Find ways of eating at least one of the following Liver boosters on a daily basis: turmeric (the new super trendy super food), garlic, leafy greens, carrots and red grapes.
  • Cut down on the products which make your Liver work overtime: alcohol/ caffeine/ processed food/ farmed meat and fish/ fruit and veg from the Dirty Dozen

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