The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Clean Products


A week or two ago I posted a blog on why I’m moving to Clean beauty products and suggested I’d write a review of the Clean products I’m currently using… tada, here it is!

Generally most of the stuff I’ve converted to is absolutely brilliant, but, as with most things, there have been a few dodgy ones.

The Good

  • Coconut Oil– An all around winner for cleansing and moisturising!
  • Tea Tree Oil– I’m actually going to do a blog post on this stuff alone. It’s amazing and has solved (fingers crossed!!) my regular cystic acne on my chin.
  • Trilogy Rose Hip Oil– Can you see a trend happening here? I’m in love with oils! This stuff is great for anyone with dry skin. I use about 3 drops of it each night  (no need for a moisturiser) and my skin feels lovely and hydrated getting into bed.
  • Say Yes to Carrots Conditioner– Love this stuff. I bought it in a Pharmacy up in the Beacon Court and love that I only need to use a tiny bit and my hair feels great. Before I switched I was using the Gold Elvive bottle and it was literally making me look like Wednesday from the Adams family with lank and slimy hair (no offence Wednesday)
  • Trilogy Face Moisturiser, looove this stuff!! It smells so good and again I only need a tiny bit in the mornings and my normally extremely dry and often flaky skin is happy all day
  • Voya Cleanser– Another nice creamy, smelly one. However it’s meant to be washed off and my skin is too sensitive to be washed each night, I end up getting red pimply things across my cheeks. So the hunt continues once this bottle is finished.
  • The Green People Shampoo- After years of using the same brand of shampoo- Head and Shoulders (due to an irrational fear of Dandruff!), I’m enjoying branching out. Again very little is needed to clean my long hair and it’s doing the job nicely without any fan fair or attention seeking!

The Bad

  • Faith in Nature Shower Gel– It’s probably not fair, but this is going in this category due to the fact I picked up a ‘Tea Tree’ smelling bottle (as the options were pretty rubbish). Although I love Tea Tree Oil as a spot remover, it’s a pretty pungent smell and one that I don’t enjoy smelling of all day… when I did use it my mother told me I smelled of mothballs and himself asked ‘what the hell is that smell?!’
  • Moo Goo Body Lotion– Again classing this ‘bad’ isn’t very fair as it’s perfectly OK, it’s just not for me. It’s made from Ozzy cow’s milk and is meant to be great for people with skin conditions (e.g. Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis). However I found it too thick as it took ages to sink down into my skin. Also I love my Coconut Oil too much to use anything else for the time being!!

The Ugly

  • The very first clean product I bought was a tube of fluoride free toothpaste (after realising that SLS was in my Colgate). So I bought The Green People’s toothpaste. I had heard some shockingly bad reviews from friends about clean toothpastes (one found a fly, an actual whole fly, in their Clean toothpaste!!) but I ploughed ahead anyway. My main problem with SLS free toothpastes are that they don’t foam. While that’s OK from my Clean shampoo and shower gel (when I get one I like!) I just cant handle it from my toothpaste. Also my breath started to smell after a few hours. I’m obsessive about brushing my teeth (after 4 years of train track braces and not being able to get at them) and this was just one Wellness step too far for me.

4 responses to “The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Clean Products

  1. Helen Brosnan

    very excited to try tea tree oil… you put it straight on yeah? or mix with water or anything?

  2. Just stick it stright on to some cotton wool and rub it on yer sink. No need for any diluting. Magic stuff!

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