The Innocent Looking Tampon

Guess how many tampons we approximately use in a lifetime? Go on, just guess.

…12,000!! Seriously, twelve flippen thousand tampons over our life time! But then again, I suppose that makes sense, they’re a product that most women need on a monthly basis for approximately 40 years of their lives.

Without being too graphic, it’s safe to say that these 12,000 products go into a very intimate and delicate place. We’re not talking application of foot cream or nail varnish here. We’re talking about the most absorbent part of our body. So obviously you’d like to know the tampons you’re using are safe and totally harmless right? Or maybe you’ve never given this topic a second thought? Keep reading, I command you! 🙂

You know the way tampons are made almost entirely by cotton? What if I was to tell you that cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop, that it is sprayed with 25% of the world’s pesticide- more than any other crop. That the pesticides it’s continuously sprayed with include, among others: insecticides, fungicide and herbicides.

I mean this is grand (ish) when the cotton is used to make the jumper you’re wearing, but when it’s used in something that’s getting intimate with you, multiplied by 12,000 times?


If you thought that was bad, how about this- if your regular tampon has a plastic applicator it’s made from petroleum products, which will also contain plasticisers, which is an additive which makes the plastic pliable and which therefore contains Phthalates (a large family of industrial chemicals). High exposures to Phthalates for women of childbearing age are proven to create a risk of reproductive birth defects and other scary health effects.

It’s also been proven that continued exposure to these chemicals can worsen period pains, PMS, and aggravate symptoms of endometritis, polycystic ovaries and other fertility issues.

Lastly (and the picture I’ve posted below illustrates this pretty well) when conventional tampons (the one on the left) are placed in a glass of water, small bits of the cotton breaks off and floats off in the water… Do you get what I’m saying here without having me spell it out? BITS OF CHEMICAL LADEN COTTON FlOAT OFF INTO YOUR LADY PARTS!!… Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

But don’t despair. None of this happens with Organic tampons (the one on the right) which are made from clean, non processed cotton and uses a safe carboard applicator.


And that’s why, in my quest to become Clean, the very first product I replaced was my tampons. I now use Natracare tampons (which again can be picked up in any health store and cost about €2.25 for 10) and am promising myself (and future me) that I’ll never compromise on this again.Tampon1

Ok, rant over (cue sighs of relief all around).

More on this topic can be seen on this video of Nat Kringoudis (a fertility expert) talking to Aimee Marks, the founder of TOM Organic (an Ozzy Organic Tampon company).

Or for more on Natracare


2 responses to “The Innocent Looking Tampon

  1. Helen Brosnan

    really good article Eimear….shocking! (evil tampons)

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