I’m delighted to have had lots of positive feedback on my rantings blog so far! The amount of people buying Coconut Oil is brilliant! Out with those chemical laden beauty bottles (which I’ve heard are known to bleach carpets!) and in with the clean, organic and safe alternatives!!

My friends seem really interested in the migration from ‘normal’ products (that’s in rabbit ears as I’m starting to wonder why it’s considered normal to smother chemicals all over ourselves?!) to clean products. Which is timely as I’ve just finished reading the below book called ‘No More Dirty Looks’ by Siobhan O’Connor (how Irish is that name?!) and Alexandra Spunt, it basically introduced me to the scary truth about our beauty products and gives a guide to safe and clean cosmetics on the market.


To say it was an eye opener was an understatement. Having studied politics for my undergrad and living in Tribunal Ireland I realised we’re all pawns in the Bigger Corporate Game but I didn’t realise the extent the big beauty businesses will actually go to earn a buck. They literally don’t give two flying flups about our health and wellbeing. As this sector isn’t very highly regulated they even going as far as to put ingredents which are proven to be harmful into their products because they are cheap, case in point Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

SLS produces a lot of foam, so you feel like it must be working- cos foam is good right?! Nooooo!! Studies have shown that products that foam a lot easily penetrates the skin and can enter and sit in the liver, lungs, and even the brain and has been proven in some studies to be a carcinogenic!! However, this doesn’t stop SLS from appearing in most widely used cleansing and foaming products (cleanser/ shampoo/ shower gel and bubble bath). I found SLS in a Body Shop shower gel AND my bleedin Colgate toothpaste!! Go and check the products in your bathroom right this minute, go, go now (Actually hang on and finishing reading this post 1st)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg- 1 4 dioxane/ Formaldehyde the list of dodgy looking ingredients in our day to day beauty products goes on and on. Here’s a link to an article which has a great picture which demonstrates nicely the extent of chemicals which can go on every day:

So, I’ve made it my New Year’s Resolution that whenever I run out of a ‘normal’ product I’ll replace it with a clean one. The below is a pic of all my newly replaced products so far (I might do a little review of them in the future!).


Yes they are more expensive but they last waaaay longer and if you, like me, couple this change with the recommendations in my ‘Belly First’ post you’ll start to notice your skin isn’t as dull, dry, flaky, irritable and sensitive as it used to be and you actually don’t need as many products as you once did!

Hopefully you haven’t disregarded all the above as a crazy conspiracy theory (as I did for the last 10 or so years!) and would like to know more. A good place to start is the ‘No More Dirty Looks’ website, it has tones of info and recommended replacement products:


6 responses to “Clean

  1. Aimee

    Just finished that book too! I ran out of my coconut oil over Christmas so subbed in Almond Oil. It is not nearly as moisturising. Just bought 1.5kg of virgin coconut oil for £15 woop woop. Glad to hear of a fellow weirdo. 🙂

  2. Nice one Aimee! Let me know where you hunted that down 🙂

  3. Helen Brosnan

    My gosh its frightening the things that are in our beuty products…..def going to read that book!! and i mean def……

  4. Naoise

    I have another product to add to you list in the bid to eliminate the amount of chemicals used on the skin…the nima mitt…its a makeup removal mitt. All you need to do is add water so no extra products. I only got mine yesterday and used it last night with a full face of makeup on and it was amazing. Not only did it get all my makeup off but its lovely and soft too! I have been very bold to my skin and have been using face wipes for makeup removal for convenience but this is just the same minus the chemicals. Check out or find it on facebook under NIMA BRUSH.

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