Dry Body Brushing


Have you ever seen one of the above brushes in someone else’s bathroom and thought, ‘wow, they must have one squeaky clean back’?! I’m here to stop your brain being silly and tell you that in fact it’s their Dry Body Brush.

Each morning (i.e. whenever I’m not running too late!!), as I’m waiting for the shower water to heat up, I use my Body brush on my skin for 2/3 minutes (never use it while in the shower, as it’s not as effective on wet skin). I use long, gentle brushes which are always directed toward the heart. I start with the soles of my feet and work my way up my legs, hands and arms, back and bum. Then I brush my tummy, very carefully, in an anti-clockwise direction.

And why do I bother?

  • It exfoliates dead skin cells, that clog pores and leaves your skin lovely and bright and glowy!
  • It’s one of the most effective methods that I’ve ever come across to removes that horrible ‘chicken skin’ from the back of your arms/ legs.
  • It boosts circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system to release toxins which reduces the dreaded cellulite
  • It improves muscle tone and reduces puffiness
  • Reduce ingrown hairs
  • It also feels bloomin great!

Everyone from Irish ‘Sorta- Celeb’ Amy Huberman to Miranda Kerr is at it!

So, go on and get yerself a Body Brush. I picked mine up from The Body Shop (but they are available in any pharmacies), it’s got a long handle and firm bristles and I love it 🙂

If you want to know more on how to brush, here’s a link you might find of interest



2 responses to “Dry Body Brushing

  1. Clare Keaveny

    Love it Eimear! I’m definitely gonna get myself a body brush! The only thing I disagree with is calling Hubes a ‘sorta celeb’….she’s totes a proper celeb!!!!

  2. Glad you liked it Kevo! Looking forward to hearing what you think of the brush!
    PS yes, you are right, ‘Hubes’ is a proper celeb, I retract that slanderous comment 😉

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