Belly First


When I was first introduced to all things Wellness my initial aim was to increase my energy levels and to stop some irregular internal happenings.

I decided to start from ‘the inside out’ and first I concentrated on cleaning up my diet, I started to:

  • Cut down on caffeine
  • Cut back out any processes foods
  • Cut down on sugar and alcohol

In their place:

  • I ensured that it was the norm, not the exception, to eat my 5 fruit and vegetables a day. Before making a conscious effort to do this, if I was honest with myself, I sometimes couldn’t remember the last time I ate a piece of fruit or a fresh veggie.
  • To eat as much leafy greens as possible on a daily basis (spinach, kale, watercress, rocket).

Remember ze mantra, Green = Good!

  • Find new, interesting ways to get nuts and seeds into my system… sitting eating them like a squirrel doesn’t interest me, e.g. Almond milk and this yummy sandwich mix by Kris Carr
  • To drink the recommended daily water amount (2 liters)
  • To try out new foods e.g. the super food quinoa (more on that here), chickpeas and other beans
  • To weekly try out a new recipe which use vegetables/ beans/ nuts/ seeds/ fruit in more exciting way (e.g. last week I made this courgette pasta sooo YUM!!).


It was this diet clean up, this ‘inside out’ method, which has resulted in generally feeling all round brilliant!! I’ve increased energy levels, increasing PMA (positive mental attitude) and also some unintentional, but pleasant, side effects of weight lose and the quality of my hair and skin improving!

Nice work belly! 🙂


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