Liver Lover

Red wine

As a way of introduction to this topic let me just say, I think I’m two people, one who loves health and well being, eating salads, yoga and running and having nice clear skin and volumised (or as my mother would say ‘mad’) hair.

And then, the second one, the ‘other’ one, the one who LOVES going on the absolute tear- pre drinking, shots, banter, dancing to Rihanna, engaging in general loutish behaviour (e.g. instigating a human pyramid at a classy wedding/ performing River Dance in a quite pub) and then eating garlic and cheese chips on my way home. But I’m trying, I’m trying to balance out that second side with the Wellness side… Que shouts of ‘BORING’ from friends!! 😉

It hit me as I turned 28 that I’ve completed 10 years of consistent alcohol abuse (anything more than 3 drinks in one sitting is considered to be abuse- shocker!!). Unfortunately I don’t get a medal for my efforts, instead the effects are proven to cause cancer (throat, mouth, oesophagus and liver)/ is a depressant (as anyone who has had the FEAR knows!) and destroys brain cells (doh!). Therefore, I’ve decided, my liver needs a rest.


That’s why I’m delighted to say that today I’m 3 weeks clean of ze booze! It’s not been easy (I CRAVE a glass of red wine, my saliva glands juice up even as I write this!) but I think a little detox does us all well once in a while.I’m feeling great, lots of energy and happy, positive thoughts along with a healthier looking wallet!! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to the bar for that glass of Merlot on Feb 1st when this detox is over but I’m planning on, (to coin a phrase) ‘rethinking my drinking’ in future.

If you’d like to know more about this, then have a look at these two sites, both have given me a lot to think about:


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