The Dirty Dozen

dirty dozen1

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we’re currently going through a Recession and we’re all broke and no one is allowed to spend any money on anything or be happy or be caught smiling… Therefore the word ‘Organic’ is a bit of a dirty word at the moment because:

Organic = Expensive

So I need to be realistic when shopping. In an ideal world I’d be able to buy 100% organic food 100% of the time (actually screw that, if this was a perfect world I’d have someone else buying the food for me!) but for the moment I’ll settle for shopping off the Dirty Dozen List. ‘What’s the Dirty Dozen?’, I hear you say (you didn’t’? Oh well I’m going to tell you anyway).

Each year the USA’s Environmental Working Group analyses data about pesticide residue and ranks foods based on how much or how little pesticide residue they have.

The group estimates that individuals can reduce their exposure to these chemicals and pesticides by a whopping 80% if they switch to organic when buying the following 12 foods:

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen

1)  Apples – According to those in the know, more than 40 different pesticides have been detected on apples (yum yum!)/ 2) Celery/ 3) Strawberries/ 4) Peaches/ 5) Spinach/ 6) Nectarines/ 7) Grapes/ 8) Bell Peppers/ 9) Potatoes/ 10) Blueberries 11) Lettuce 12) Cherries

Keep that list in mind the next time you’re trying to decide between organic and regular!


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