Coconut Oil, oh how I love thee…


Ahhhhhh Coconut Oil, (it’s so great I’m giving it capital letters). I’m a big fan of this stuff, mainly due to the fact that its multifunctional and all natural. Due to it’s many uses it’s the only product which appears in both my kitchen and bathroom shelves.

Bathroom shelf:
1) Cleansing: This is seriously the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever used (even better then that Clinique stuff!). I’ve a glass jar of Coconut Oil sitting in my bathroom and each evening I rub the tiniest amount over my mascara and eye liner. Then I remove the panda like mess created with a makeup remover pad/ toilet paper (but not cotton wool, as this just ends up just sticking to your face!!) and then, hey presto, I’m done! It’s quick, does the job and is soooo flippen cheap (unlike that Clinique stuff!)
Note: some people also recommend it for a facial cleanser but that’s a steps too far for me. I just find it a tiny bit to greasy to rub all over my face.

2) Moisturising: Coconut Oil is a grrrreat body moisturiser for two reasons:
• Firstly, it gets the job done – I’m a lady of great intentions and would love to be ‘that’ person who has time to moisturise every morning, but I ain’t. I moisturise with it twice/ 3 times a week and have still received some very nice, (and much appreciated!), comments on how soft my skin is since I started using it! 🙂
• Secondly, I believe it’s nice to know that you’re not lathering manmade chemicals on to your largest organ on a daily (or weekly!) biases. Whoop!

3) Hair Mask: I’m sorry to say but the jury is still out on this one. I used it the other night in place of my beloved Moroccan Oil. I just rubbed a small, nail sized, lump along the ends of my hair and a little bit through the back and the results were pretty crappy, I look like a slimly sleaze bal by the end of the next day (normally I don’t need to wash my hair until every 3rd/4th day)l. I’ll keep trying and report back.

Kitchen Shelf:
4) Cooking: Coconut oil is the healthiest oil to cook with and therefore a great replacement for olive or vegetable oil. It adds a yummy flavour to your food and according to reports I’ve read improves digestion, has been proven to reduce weight and improves the quality of your skin and hair!
5) Smoothies: As coconut oil is so good for you it is recommended you should eat 2 spoonfuls of it a day… this is a wellness step too far for me so to try incorporate it into my diet I’ve also started throwing a tea spoon of it into my smoothies instead. Perfecto!

Coconut Oil can be bought in most supermarkets for about €6 (it should be around the cooking oil aisle). If you want to be make sure there is absolutely no chemicals or pesticides used to grow/ package your Coconut Oil, then I’d recommend you get an organic one. Most health food stores sell Organic Coconut Oil, look for the virgin, cold pressed, unrefined, unbleached, un-deodorised, and is non hydrogenated one! I’ve used the Nutiva brand in the past and picked it up in The Health Store in Stillorgan.

My personal fav

My personal fav


5 responses to “Coconut Oil, oh how I love thee…

  1. Jessica

    Thanks so much for this super article! I’ll defintely be trying this stuff! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jessica! Looking forward to hearing what you thought of it!

  3. Helen Brosnan

    LOVING my coconut oil!

  4. Woohoo! It’s taking over!!x

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